Happy Derek Jeter Day!

From the time I was a kid, my dream was always vivid and it never changed: I was going to be the shortstop for the NY Yankees. It started as an empty canvas more than 20 years ago, and now I look at it, it’s almost complete. In a million years, I wouldn’t have believed just how beautiful it would become. 

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Flag. Logo. It’s a big day in the Bronx.

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"In my opinion, I’ve had the greatest job in the world. I’ve got a chance to be the shortstop of the New York Yankees, and there’s only one of those. I always felt that my job was to try to provide joy and entertainment for you guys, but it can’t compare to what you’ve brought me. So for that, thank you very much. Now I’ve loved what I’ve done, I love what I do, but more importantly I love doing it for you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much." -Derek Jeter

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"It’s an honor and it’s a privilege to be here. To the guys and the younger guys that are getting an opportunity to come to their first [All-Star Game] … enjoy it because, you know, I can tell you that firsthand that this is a fun experience. You should share it with your family, your friends, remember it. You don’t know how many of these you’ll get an opportunity to play in. More importantly, remember every time you put your uniform on because trust me, it goes quickly."

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Happy 40th birthday to the Yankee Captain

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Happy Birthday, Captain.

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12 years and 8 months ago today, “The Flip” happened. 

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Looks like Jeter’s still got it. 

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